Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skin - The Ultimate Protector!

Did you know the average adult has five to eight pounds of skin and that if stretched out flat, it would cover an area of about 20 square feet?  It's the largest organ we have and our skin performs nine essential jobs for our bodies.
  • Protects us from damage (chemical, biological, thermal and electrical)
  • Helps to maintain our body temperature
  • Regulates moisture
  • Prevents loss of minerals
  • Converts ultraviolet rays into vitamin D3
  • Responds to sensory stimulus - heat, cold, pain, pleasure & pressure
  • Metabolizes and stores fat
  • Secretes sebum, a lubricating substance
  • Assists in excretion of waste & toxins via sweating
Our skin is alive and it's our first line of defense. In order for us to take good care of it, we need to know about our skin type. Stephanie Tourles has an extensive section on skin types and care recommendations. And your skin type can change often depending on the weather, your stress level, age, etc. The great news is that you can change up your recipes by using different carrier oils. I finished the spreadsheet that lists common carrier oil properties and it's listed under Know Your Ingredients on the Blog. Next I'll do the same for essential oils. My absolute favorite is Lavender! What's yours?

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