Monday, January 21, 2013

A Great Beginning

For me, it all began a few years ago when I was invited to spend the weekend at the home of an acquaintance with a group of like-minded ladies. We ate, drank, told stories and stayed up way too late...but it was worth it! In the morning, we were talking about hair products, etc, and I asked what they used for their face care. At the time, I was using a commercial brand, only available in one store in town, and pretty pricey. I was caught up in this regimen of 6 different products. Let's see if I remember... it was the anti-aging cleanser, skin rejuvenating serum, skin brightening moisturizer, etc. etc...
When one of the girls mentioned that she made her own skin care formulas, I was intrigued. She brought out a book of recipes and I spent the rest of the morning pouring over it with excitement! I've always liked home made soaps and choosing my own scents for lotions. My favorite shop, back in the day (1980), was the original Body Shop in Berkeley, CA.  They opened a branch in San Anselmo, where I used to live, and my girlfriends and I used to spend hours in there choosing scents for our shampoos & lotions.
When my friend with the book brought out one of her hand made creams in a little cobalt blue jar, it was a defining moment for me. I wanted to go home and throw out my store bought stuff and start concocting right away!

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