Monday, January 21, 2013

Choosing Your Ingredients - Carrier Oils

The recipe for this regeneration cream includes rose hip seed oil, and another choice of almond, soybean or macadamia nut carrier oils. Choices are also made with the water component - you can use distilled water or a hydrosol. I love hydrosols! Also called floral waters, they have similar properties to essential oils but are less concentrated. They contain all the essence of the plant in every drop and the scent is exhilarating! This rose hydrosol smells just like you're inhaling rose petals - heavenly!
Rose hip seed oil is pale orange-red in color. It's high in essential fatty acids which makes it perfect for mature, environmentally damaged skin. It softens and heals skin damaged by scars and extreme weather exposure. Kind of like today - it's been zero here with wind gusting to 25 mph. The wind chill advisory is in effect for -25 through tomorrow night!
A vitamin E oil capsule is optional in this recipe. I use one in this cream and have revised other creams to include vitamin E too. Just like cooking, I can't stick to the written ingredients. That's part of the fun and especially when it comes to the essential oils. With skin care, scent is so personal, not only that, essential oil properties can change a face cream to one that treats dry, weathered skin to oily skin types. More on that later...
Here's a spreadsheet that lists the key properties of carrier oils and a few miscellaneous ingredients at the bottom. Let me know of others and I'll gladly add them to the list.

What's your favorite go to carrier oil or essential oil, and why?

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