Monday, January 21, 2013

Choosing Your Ingredients

It's a great feeling of satisfaction to know the ingredients of what you put on your face every day. In fact, choosing the carrier oils, butters and essential oils is as much fun as watching them emulsify into their creaminess. The recipes in Stephanie Tourles' book are flexible in their ingredients, for example, my favorite body lotion can be made with your choice of soybean, almond, apricot kernel or macadamia nut base oils. It's wise to learn about the properties of these oils before purchasing your choice, and thankfully, Organic Body Care Recipes has devoted 50 pages to an Ingredient Dictionary. I chose macadamia nut oil after reading about its properties that help mature and environmentally damaged skin. It's helpful for sunburned and windburned skin too!
The ingredient decisions you make are especially important if you make lotions as gifts. My best friend is allergic to tree nuts, so macadamia nut oil would reek havoc for her and probably cause a nasty reaction. When making lotions for her, I choose apricot kernel or soybean. So the same lotion can have very different effects depending on the carrier oil you use.

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