Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Evening Bath Time with Aromatherapy

My new favorite addition to an evening bath. Mountain Rose Herbs describes the aroma as dry, musky, bittersweet floral. To me, it smells a lot like lemon iced tea. Some of this oils' properties and benefits include: antibacterial, antispasmodic (good for menstrual cramps), aphrodisiac - yes, certain aromas can get you in the mood!, sedative, muscle aches & pains and nervous fatigue. Remember "Calgon, take me away"? It's ok if you don't - that just means you're much younger than I am!

And who wouldn't want to soak in this beautiful tub? It's hand crafted by my husband - really! It's poured concrete under the tile with hot water tubing connected to our boiler running throughout. The tile is toasty warm when the boiler's running, so the water stays hot for a good, long while.
The perfect prescription for a good nights rest = a hot bath with Clary Sage followed by my Goodnight Tea!
Coming soon, a spreadsheet for Essential Oils - properties, benefits and how to combine.

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