Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Extraordinary Fenugreek Seed!

I've been researching natural estrogen replacements and to my surprise, Fenugreek seed was among them. Coincidentally, my husband used to drink Fenugreek tea when I met him a few decades ago and I had recently purchased some. After reading about the seed, I was truly amazed at its abundant benefits. Hopefully this post won't be too long as I list the many reasons to use Extraordinary Fenugreek!
~Estrogen-like properties increase libido and decrease hot flashes and mood fluctuations
~Treatment for asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, sore throat, acid reflux, skin wounds, and even diabetes
~Studies show that 2 oz. of Fenugreek daily can significantly reduce cholesterol 
~For type 2 diabetes, consuming 500 mg of Fenugreek twice daily can significantly lower blood sugar levels

There's so many ways to prepare it for use; it's a spice, a tea, and in powder form can be used as a poultice or put in capsules. I recently read that it's one of the base ingredients of curry. Sprouted seeds are delicious too. The taste is somewhat sweet and maple-y. 

So give Fenugreek a try, but there are a few warnings; it should not be taken if pregnant as it may induce labor, and avoid if you're allergic to chick peas.

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